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Ancient History


In our village , as well as in other areas of Imathia and the neighboring region of Pella many archaeological findings of the era of the Macedonian kings (4th and 2nd century  B.C) were revealed  ,  through which  the Greek culture, Greek letters, art, architecture ,painting and religion emerge.
The ancient city of “MIEZA”
The school of Aristotle, where the great Greek philosopher educated Alexander the Great, along with 15 other young people of royal families of Macedonia who later became Alexander’s the Great lieutenants.
Vergina, where the palace and the tomb of King Philip (Alexander’s the Great father) were found.
Pella, with the palace of King Philip.
Many tombs. Inside the tombs there are many frescos (paintings) with vivid colors that were preserved in excellent condition throughout the centuries.
More specifically,in the area of the village the following findings were revealed:
1) The Tomb of Judgment, named after the painting it has which depicts the soul’s judgment during its death. On the painting, one can clearly make out the names of the judges written in greek letters.
2) The Tomb of Lisonos and Kalikleous the sons of Aristofanous. In its entrance, the names of the owners are inscribed in greek writing. It is worth mentioning that the particular tomb belongs to three generations of this family and we can conclude that from the genealogical tree found in the tomb.

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