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Club history

The cultural club of Lefkadia “Ta Anthemia” was founded in 2001.It is situated on the Greek village Lefkadia of the Municipality of Naoussa County Imathias. At the foot of the Mountain Vermio is one of the most beautiful areas in Imathia. Abundant vegetation, streams, full of fruit trees such as apple trees, peach trees, pear trees, plum trees and cherry trees.
  Besides its natural beauty this region has also a rich history. In this area the Macedonian Culture (4th- 1st century BC) was developed, rich in impressive archeological findings (cities, tombs and theatres) .In these monuments you come across with the Ancient Greek Culture. The language, the architecture, the religion and the tradition of the ancient Greeks are obvious.
The primary goal of this association is to promote and maintain the culture and the traditional heritage of the village’s habitants who came in Greece at 1918-1923 from the seaside of Black sea of Russia and Turkey where they lived for 3000 years and developed the Greek Culture.
The cultural club “Ta Anthemia” offers various activities to its members such as courses for traditional dances from Pontos (Black sea). It has 4 groups, members’ age from 6 to 35 years old. Also, there is a learning class of the traditional instrument “Lyra”. Our traditional songs are in ancient Greek dialect. “"In the Ionic dialect. The language Homer wrote the Iliad and Odisia".
The dancing groups perform during the year dances from Pontos. Most of those dances have their routes in the ancient Greek dances.
They have two annual traditional celebrations, every winter and every summer. At the beginnings of July a four days festival is organized that takes place in an open location. During these days, various dancing groups present their traditional music and dances.
The cultural association of “Anthemia” took part in Festivals in Greece at the towns of: Thessaloniki, Serres, Rhodes, Karditsa, Veria, Naousa, Alexandria, Edessa, Drama, Larisa etc.
Also performed in International festivals of: Kazanluk Bulgaria (2004), Porets Croatia (2006) and received the best comments , Izmit Turkey (2007), Gravina Italy (2008), Sremska Mitrovitsa Serbia (2009) , Sarvar Hungary (2011), Cluj-Napoca Romania (2012), Sarvar Hugary (2014),Trstenik Serbia (2015) and Tulcea Romania (2016).
You can see video of the group in the following link:


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